The Fastest, Most Effective Way for the Common Guy with NO previous Dance Experience to Learn How To Dance 
Follow along, step-by-step system to learning how to dance in just 3 day time GUARANTEED
The 3-Day "Dance Floor Ready" System for men
How the Program Works
Follow along to the step-by-step video directions for the 3 days. Each set of videos runs for about 42 minutes. By the end of day 3, you will be ready for the dance floor at any social function. Follow exactly as I do and learn to dance.
How the 3 Day "Dance Floor Ready" system is different from all the other "how to dance" material out there

Most programs out there assume that you know the basics and therefore, skip over them. This makes these programs nearly impossible to follow. In the 3 Day "Dance Floor Ready" program, I take you step-by-step through the process of:

  •  Gaining rhythm
  •  Learning a set of the most modern, versatile and best looking dance moves 
  •  Connecting these moves together
  •  Moving to the beat
  •  Loosening up your body so you stop looking stiff and tensed up
  •  Practicing these moves the right way, so you master them within the 3 days
Step-by-step, Actionable, Systematic and Damn-Near Scientific Directions 
So you know you're practicing the right way which prevents all confusion, frustration or overwhelm
Unlike other programs where they show you the moves briefly, and tell you to go practice, in the 3 Day "Dance Floor Ready" System, we practice everything together; from the very first step to the very last step.
There's nothing for you to "figure out on your own"

  •  No need to waste more time doing "research"  
  •  No more "trial n' error"
  •  No more rewinding videos back and forth or putting videos on slow-mo
"Dance Floor Ready" 110% Money-Back Guarantee
After going through the program, you can expect to experience these benefits:

  •  You will be able to step out onto the dance floor, automatically catch the beat, and start grooving -- moving to the music
  •  You will be able to join in on the fun at parties and social functions, instead of watching from the side, being left out of the fun 
  •  You will start looking forward to opportunities to dance, instead of shying away from them 
  •  If you go out with your lady friends within this next month to a party or social function, you will receive compliments at LEAST ONCE on being a "good dancer" 

If any of these things do NOT happen, or you simply don't feel the program was right for you for ANY reason. Send me an e-mail and receive a 110% return of your tuition!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is this different from the YouTube videos?

A: YouTube tutorials show you singular dance moves that are "nice to know". The 3 Day "Dance Floor Ready" system is a SYSTEM that takes you step-by-step through the PROCESS of learning how to dance; it's the difference between "learning a single word in a foreign language" versus "learning how to speak in a foreign language".

Q: How much practice do I need? How much time do I need to spend on this?

A: The 3 Day "Dance Floor Ready" program is presented in the 3-day format so you don't get overwhelmed. Each day's worth of videos is an average of 42 minutes. No additional practice beyond the content is required.

Q: I don't have any rhythm, will this work?

A: There's a bonus "rhythm training" portion that helps you develop rhythm before you start with the lessons. 

Q: I've never danced before, will this work?

A: This program was created for the complete beginner with no previous experience. Yes it'll work.

Q: How do I learn from it? How does the setup work?

A: Play the videos on your computer or tablet device. Watch and follow 1 set of videos per day for 3 days.

Q: Am I going to look feminine doing these dance moves?

A: No

Q: Are there fancy choreographies taught?

A: No. The dance moves are casual and non-intimidating. Perfect for night clubs, bars or social functions

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